Christina Boyce-Jacino


Christina Boyce-Jacino is a second year graduate student in the cognitive psychology program. Her current research focuses broadly on ethical decision making. More specifically, she is interested in the malleability of prosocial preferences and flexibility of ethical behavior.

She is working jointly with Gretchen Chapman in the MDM lab and Dr. Mary Rigdon in the Center for Cognitive Science.

Current research 

Allocation of Scarce Resources

Specifically, we are interested in the way in which concerns for fairness and equity guide decisions about allocation of scarce healthcare resources.

Menu Dependence

Using game theoretic paradigms, we are investigating  how the choice set mediates the decision-maker’s switch from a strategy of fairness to a different strategy, what that end strategy might be, and what cognitive processes underlie that switch.

Unethical behavior

Broadly, we are interested in the role of justifications in shaping the cost of unethical behavior. Using a novel computerized paradigm, we examine the factors that distinguish a situation in which people cheat very little from a situation in which they cheat entirely. Specifically, we focus on the role ambiguity and justification may play in the type and extent of cheating observed.


Department of Psychology, Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey

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