Graduate Students

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Current and former graduate students in the MDM lab have authored published journal articles, won research awards, written their own grant proposals (some of which got funded), co-written federal grant proposals, and presented their work at national conferences.

Current Research

Much of the research in Dr. Chapman’s lab focuses on judgment and decision making in health applications. For more information, see the Research page.


The MDM lab is funded by grants from NSF and sometimes NIH. Lab funds are often used to pay graduate student summer support (including the summer before the first year if desired), send graduate students to national conferences, and cover subject fees and lab equipment.  The lab contains a subject-running room with 11 computer cubicles for running participants in computerized study tasks as well as student office space for  analyzing data and writing papers. Undergraduate research assistants are available to assist with literature searches, running subjects, inputting data, etc.

Ask us about the lab

If you are considering work in this lab, feel free to contact current graduate students who will be to give you an insider’s view.  Look under the People tab.

How to apply

Dr. Chapman will not be accepting graduate students for fall 2017 entry.  The lab is full.

Prospective graduate students interested in working in the MDM lab should apply for admission to either the cognitive or the social graduate area of the Rutgers Psychology department.  Currently, graduate students in both these areas work in the lab.  Pick an area based on your interests.  Those particularly interested in medical applications of decision making research may be interested in the intradisciplinary health program.


Department of Psychology, Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey

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